Hi guys! I am so excited to talk to you today about my Hydrafacial MD experience I had recently. It’s been a long time that I am hearing about that skin treatment, either in France or in the USA. It says online that this treatment is supposed to instantly clear and evenly toned skin without the precursory redness or irritation. To be honest, this sounded too beautiful to be real. I was like: “If this is really working, it would be such a revolution”.

So curious about it, I decided to go to the SPA and try this special skin treatment so I can have my own idea about it and share with you my own opinion.

Ok… no more suspense! I have been to the Skin Deep Medi SPA in Strongsville (OH) and honestly, the experience was just amazing. If you are from Ohio, I am definitely recommending you to go to this Spa, which is for me the best of the State. The office is amazing and the staff is really friendly and professional. You literally feel like home! Jennifer Worona took care of me for the Hydrafacial MD and she is amazing as well! She makes me feel really comfortable and she takes her time to answer my questions and to inform me about the Hydrafacial process before we start it. She gave me very good advices about the right products I have to use according to the type of my skin. I will definitely go back to her for my next HF treatment. By the way, you can contact her on Facebook here: Jennifer Worona. She would be happy to answer you guys if you have any questions.

Enough talk; let’s get through the Hydrafacial MD process. How does it work? What are the different steps? What should you expect from the treatment?

First at all, the Hydrafacial MD Treatment is great for all skin types. It is not only highly effective at improving overall skin health, but it is also excellent for remedying to Skin Tone Evenness and vibrancy or the brown spots. Personally, my skin has some imperfections and tends to be dry sometimes. I took this HF treatment as a chance to improve the quality of my skin and to feel a little bit more shinny before my trip soon to NYC.

But what is exactly the Hydrafacial MD?
The Hydrafacial MD is a multi-step treatment cleanses. It exfoliates and removes the impurities and dead skin cells while replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid, able to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles for a result you can feel instantly. This treatment will also give you a good hydration, will help address the signs of aging and will protect your skin from environmental leaving.
After my treatment, I literally felt my skin as a baby’s skin. I never had this feeling before, even after exfoliating my face.

Let me now show you the different steps you will go through if you decide to give yourself a little Hydrafacial MD treat.

Concerning the sensation during the treatment, it is like a small vacuum on your skin so obviously you will have a kind of weird feeling but don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all! It was even relaxing.

But then?

Guys, the feeling you have after that treatment is just incredible. I never felt my skin that pure and clean; and you are going to understand why.

The “funny” and interesting part of the treatment was when Jennifer showed me a container with a kind of gray and cloudy liquid with some floating particles. This was in reality nothing but all the dirtiness that has been extracted from my pores. You can see what I am talking about on the following pictures.

I couldn’t believe how dirty was deep inside my skin while I am carefully cleaning it every single day.

I had some blind spots about this Hydrafacial MD, but when I see the result and what went out of my skin, I am really happy and confident about the effectiveness of the treatment. I am definitely going to reiterate the experience as soon as possible. Totally love it! <3




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